TUKYA CHEMICAL(中文译名:特可加)是高品质特种化学品的领先供应商, 专注于各类工业化学品的研发和设计,尤其在工业设备维护保养领域表现杰出,拥有广泛的行业应用经验。我们为满足不同设备、不同工况要求,为用户科学选择适用的产品。我们拥有专业经营极其丰富的研发团队,与全球原材料供应商密切合作,运用现代化的实验室和分析检验设备,以应用、合成高性能原材料为目标,并不断的开发新产品,将会在探索、了解客户需求的道路上不断前行。




TUKYA CHEMICAL  is a leading supplier of high-quality specialty chemicals, focusing on the development and design of various industrial chemicals, especially in various industrial fields, with extensive industry application experience. In order to meet different equipment and different working conditions, we select the applicable products for users. We have a highly professional R&D team, working closely with global raw material suppliers, using modern laboratories and analytical inspection equipment, aiming at the application and synthesis of high-performance raw materials, and constantly developing new products, which will be explored. Keep up with the road to understanding customer needs.

We insist on providing high standards of high quality products with high reliability and wide application range. They are widely used in many industries such as cement, mining, electric power, steel, home appliances, railways, automobiles, machinery, electronics, glass and surface technology. Fields.

We firmly believe that service is vital and a fundamental part of our products. Our local experts ensure that the high performance of our products is fully realized through our extensive know-how and on-site technology. Decades of professional skills and continuous improvement with our customers have enabled their products to be trusted in the long-term support of their solutions.

Our products include special lubricants, industrial environmental cleaning agents, special industrial sprays, water treatment chemicals, anti-rust preservatives and other fine chemical products - more than hundreds of professional customized products. High-quality, environmentally-friendly, high-performance products greatly enhance environmental friendliness and equipment operability.